What is Move-tastic!?

Move-tastic! is more than a company; it is a phenomenon, a community. Dare we say: a movement. The brainchild of two ambitious triathletes who sought to earn non-brand-specific-electrolyte-beverage money while maintaining an intensive training regimen, Move-tastic! represents the pinnacle in positive moving experiences. We truly believe (because we know) that moving can be a fun, fulfilling experience. And it is precisely that kind of experience we strive to provide each and every time we are given the opportunity.

The hustlers of Move-tastic! comprise Chicago-land's premier athletic moving force. Each member of our elite team undergoes rigorous training to afford you the most safe, hospitable and enjoyable moving experience possible. Accordingly, our movers run (literally run) to and from trucks and up and down stairs to execute our customers' moves as quickly as possible. And since we charge by the hour, their pain is your gain. We hustle so that you don't get hustled.

Move-tastic! currently offers a diverse range of moving services on weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. Although our core service is the familiar residential-to-residential move, we also specialize in business-to-business moves, truck loading and unloading, single and large-item moves, labor for special events, pod load and unloads, and heavy lifting for home organization.

We always strive to meet and exceed your expectations. With your trust, we promise to provide:

  • An efficient, careful move
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Unparalleled initiative
  • Competitive rates
  • A fulfilling, positive experience

Move-tastic! is fully licensed, insured, and bonded in the state of Illinois!

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Yup, Move-tastic! is licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission, ILCC: 158678, MC: 1906350
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