Packing Services

Don't pack it yourself, make it Pack-tastic! Our packing experts arrive with all the materials necessary to box your stuff so it's optimized for safe, efficient transport.

Reasons to have us pack you:

  • We will pack all of your loose items into boxes, which is the single most important step in making your move quick and cost-effective
  • We pack you the day before you move, so your belongings are ready to rock and you are ready to relax
  • Instead of charging by the hour, we sell packing materials along with a cost to fill each box
  • Packing could easily take one or two people a week, whereas we do it all in just one day
  • We bring all the materials to your door, so you don't have to dive in the grocery store dumpster for banana boxes or make multiple trips to get materials
  • By packing you, we gain a better understanding of your moving inventory and make sure we adjust your moving crew if necessary
  • We can only guarantee zero breakage in boxes that we pack, versus boxes that we didn't pack
  • You would rather be [insert fun activity here]!!

We offer:

  • Friendly, prompt, reliable service
  • Polite, well-presented packing experts
  • Competitive pricing at a per-box rate (not hourly)
  • All materials, from boxes to tape and everything in between (packing paper, bubble wrap, etc.)
  • Boxes clearly labeled for fragility and destination room
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